Ultrex 10 Piece Stainless Steel Cutlery Set

Is this made in China???

Helter Skelter? Somebody should get spanked by an Editor… In poor taste guys. Who polices woot? :wink:

Warning: keep away from children… and emo kids

Now’s your chance to buy another three!!!

I would rather pay $10.00 more than to get it from walmart!!!

Yup… Looks that way… ALOT of comments deleted… About 4 pages worth atleast.

I can buy similar knives at the dollar store everyday and no shipping but have tax.

I bought some of these knives and if not taken care of properly they break. The metal doesn’t go very far down into the handle. If you don’t wash and dry them immediately they will rust and that is when they break. Take care of them and they are worth the money. “Buyer Beware!”

Note that it’s a clearance item and not available online. You’ll have to go to each store in your area to see if they have it still in stock.

You may want to read the comments on Ultrex knives here before you buy these. Flying knife blades can’t be too safe:


That would be all the stupid fir.st page and bo.o plus the ones about what happened to the Woot when it sold at at 1.

I presume these are stamped, since they don’t specifically say that they’re forged (and even woot probably couldn’t sell forged steel at this price). Does anyone know for sure?

What kind of steaks do you buy? Are they made of re-hydrated shoe leather?

Two words: CHEAP CHEAP

$18 at Wal Mart

Save your money for a real woot!

You’re right! Outback, Texas RoadHouse, Chart House, and any other place serving a nice prime rib and steaks - provides their clientele with serrated steak knives. I also concur with somoene else’s comment on slippery handles and would prefer a set with wooden handles.

Balls bouncing but I’m going to WalMart. It’s $2.00 cheaper.

you get a good knife set and they will cut through the steak

I have never used a serrated blade in my kitchen. Way too hard to sharpen, doesn’t make smooth cuts. I learned to cut from my dad, who’s a chef, so I’d say that you just have to know how to do it.

Let us know where you find some of that high carbon stainless steel. And high carbon steel is not that expensive. But you have to wash and dry right away or it spots and rusts. Use a steel on any knife without the small teeth and it will stay sharp as new.

At the State Fair, you’d get the magic juicer and WonderMop with these in a bundle for $19.99.