Ultrex 20 Piece Nonstick Cookware Set



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Stainless steel, Ya’ll Know how I feel. No matter how clean you are, Just touching them makes your kitchen look dirty.


I dunno…are the pans serrated?


“and the remarkably durable Advantex 500 nonstick coating inside”


Is this like teflon on the inside ?


I think this is the same set (or at least similar). On the front page it had 3 out of 5 stars.

Company which shall not be named


Now this is real crap.

When I think “no-stick”, I think cancer.

Thrift store, anybody? Get all the stainless steel cooking gear you need for a buck or two each…


Priced average. The shipping is the only thing that makes it a deal. Just not a fan of stainless steel.


Ultrex 20 Piece Nonstick Cookware Set
$49.99 + $5 shipping
for future reference when the price is no longer available


Is this a better/ worse value than a setup of a bunch of cheap IKEA saucepans? That’s what I’ve got now - upgrade/downgrade?


I am OCD . Those from woot! know. I still clean the carpets as the roombas charge.


Will these work on my ceramic range top? If the bottoms aren’t perfectly flat, I’d be screwed.


I just moved and new pots would be fantastic but a quick google search gave me this nice little forum

so perhaps I’ll skip these.


This is a bargain, if you need pots and pans. Overstock sells it for 119. and I saw it elsewhere for 99. It is pretty good stuff. Some of the pots are big and do take up storage space. It is a good, not great non-stick. If it goes bad, which it may if you heat it way too high or scrape it badly, you can toss it and it is no big loss. This stuff is way better than the cheaper non-sticks in the stores, but is not perfect. I find that QVC makes a better non stick . Scan-pan is one of the best non-stick pans out there, and even that got ruined with too high heating, so again, this stuff is not as indestructible as that “Art” guy on HSN would always say…


Found some reviews of Ultrex cookware products. The word “junk” is used quite often. Also, note that Ultrex is no longer is business.

4 years worth of complaints

Read the comments at the end of this review:


I’m pretty sure you’d be pleased with these. the bottoms have an aluminum disc sandwiched between layers of stainless steel for even heat distribution. I have a similar type of pan set and they are very flat. You can see in the picture how thick the bottoms are, this is great for holding the heat so that adding your food won’t stop the cooking like it does in light cookware and you can use less heat to cook with.


$79 on clearance at Wallyworld, only available in store, if you can find it, so you’re already ahead $20 plus gas to go pick up the set.

Overall, heck, what can I say? If you’re thinking this will be the last set of cookware you buy, you’re not thinking. It lasts pretty well for two to three years, far longer /if/ you do not stack them, if you do not use metal utensils on them, and if you wash them quickly after use. Well, least the non-stick surfaces. The rest of it will probably outlive me.

Oh, and stick the meat themometer in a kitchen planter. It’s, umm, about that useful, just as a decoration for a plant.



Next weeks woot: In home cancer test and chemotherapy kit. I’m in for 3!


It’d be an upgrade, but not an upgrade worth $49. The Ikea will do what you need for now; get nice pots and pans when you can afford them. A good set will last you the rest of your life, so why waste the money on this set in the meantime?