Ultrex 415994 Travel Mug Coffee Maker



get all the comparison shopping links … its on the useful linkage blog… i know this, cuz i put them there… enjoy… p.s. i want this in pink…


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Ultrex 415994 Travel Mug Coffee Maker
$12.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Ultrex 415994 Travel Mug Coffee Maker


coffee maker

I already have one!


Just what I need to stay up late for more woots - COFFEE!


Two …cups


Very nice woot. The mugs are worth more than that. I’ve already got my expensive Starbucks mugs already. LOL


Since the company that made Ultrex and no longer sells them on HSN, it looks like Woot! will have all their items. Next up, cookware…lame.


I am one of those rare people who do not like coffee. In my entire lifetime, I have drunk perhaps 1/2 cup & that at polite sips over the last umpty-ump years.

Praytell - do you suppose I’ll purchase this woot?


Perfect for the working couple looking to have their morning coffee dispensed by plastic breast-looking things.

I don’t even drink coffee and I’m oddly tempted to buy the oddly shaped device. I mean, coffee maker.


Nice. Time to start my Xmas shopping :slight_smile:


is this like my senseo coffee maker?


hmm, pretty cool, too bad I just got a new coffe maker and cup:\


20 bucks on Froogle


woohoo! first sucker!

In for 2 since the Cuisinart one i bought my parents for christmas died after 2 weeks of use.


Do they all come with a black dot in the middle of the side of one cup?

You’d think with all the photoshop skill floating around…


This is actually pretty cool. It will help keep the peace in MY house for sure!


just me or do they look like a pair of boobs?


i don’t even like coffee and i almost bought one

i need help


I already have a Tassimo, which by the way is way more expensive then it is made out to be. If this thing made cappuccino I might consider it.