Ultrex 7-Piece Deep Fryer Taco Shell Set



pricing for future reference

product(s): 1 Ultrex 416517 – 7 Piece Deep Fryer Taco Shell Set
condition: New
$2.99 + $5 shipping


this one definitely gives me the weekend jitters… but no useful linkage updates on this one… cuz its too weird/rare to find. must be a good woot then… wheter you like it or not… so many better options out there (jokes)… not sure if i’d settle on this… but its possible.


Sweet! I was wondering where this was during the wootoff. Taco shells for everyone!


are the taco shells included???


Hehe another product to promote obesity in the US. :slight_smile: Great job woot!


Wasn’t this in one of the last Woot offs? Totally useless for those of you on the low carb diet thing like me.


i’m gonna buy three so I can fry 21 tacos all at once. Then I’m gonna go to woot.com and buy an air purifier to purify the air after my rampant gas attacks.


i dont have a bloody deep fryer


Sweet! I never wondered where taco shells came from before.

My 3 year old will love this!

Two extra sets for birthday presents for their friends!



still have not used my set. it involves cooking for crying out loud!!!


are these better than taco bell?


I stayed awake for tacos. Looks like a quick run to tacobell till these arrive. Also looks like using wonton wrappers can create a variety of ethnic foods. Thanks woot!


“oh wow…lucky me…i got an ultrex 7-piece deep fryer taco shell set, a melted thingamijig that is bigger than our car and some refurbished something or other that doesn’t work the second time either. thanks, dad.”


Even if you don’t make tacos, it works great as a “perfect s’more maker” for those cold october nights!


I guess it’s only 8 bucks…But why would I ever need to make my own taco shells? Why does this even exist?!


I’m in for one. Tacos are awesome!


The kid should be ecstatic. He got a BOC and he didn’t even have to skip a shower.


whole wheat tortillas buddy!


is it just me, or do these taco holders look like they only hold THREE tacos, not FOUR (as in the product description)?

or maybe the fourth taco is held in your hand…