Ultrex Cleaver and Santoku Set

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Ultrex Cleaver & Santoku Set
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Condition: New

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  • 1 Ultrex Cleaver & Santoku Set - 365295

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  • Ultrex and Home Shopping Network are supposedly no longer affiliated, yet I can find no web page for Ultrex


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Is my blood pressure monitor cross compatible with this?

Way to be caught by your own filter woot XD

PS… I’m not that late woot, I feel left out tonight… dont forget about me! :’(

Amazon, Pricegrabber and Froogle price links!

Last night’s woot was kind of lame, it should have been added to the worst woot collection! Haha

Night fellow wooters.

here’s the links… useful linkage has all the comparison links… good way to start off the holiday weekend… killer woot!.. definitely… so don’t trip.

Sharper than Global knives?

wow! looks deadly, but i already have a home protection system.


You get not one, but two!!

Magic knives = informercials

these are really sharp. Something OJ would be proud to own

Sharp. Scary. Deadly.
I hope none of my neighbors are wooters.

First they want us to monitor our blood and now they give us a knife to chop our hands off it our blood pressure is too high…

It looks to me that these are stamped out instead of being forged.

Stamped knives = garbage.

From what I gather, Ultrex is QVC’s house brand and from what I’ve read while researching Ultrex products for other woots, no one has anything good to say about the quality or customer service with any of their products.

Couldn’t possibly be worse than Farberware.

stainless steel = impossible to keep sharpened

night all.

All Knives look alike to me, and I already have some.

Woot should sell something this weekend related to the new Pirates movie. Maybe a Jack Sparrow hat or something like that.

these go for 19.99 at The Texas State Fair. this iz a gurrate woot!

2 knives??? am i bonkers when did saturday become tuesday? woot stop confusing the masses. atleast put a big warning that you didn’t change the day of the week or something


Might wanna read that before buying…

MSRP: $23.50

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