Ultrex Flash Fryer

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Ultrex Flash Fryer
$19.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Ultrex Flash Fryer - 416337 2L SS

useful linkagized this one… thank you for giving a product that someone’s heard of for once… useful linkagizing this things has been difficult lately… this one was easy… actually, i take it back… this one was quite rought as well… i’m looking for better woots nexxt week woot… anyways, enjoy…

nothing like an artery clogger.

Okay for a second I swear I thought it said Flesh Fryer…

Big enough for a turkey? or just smaller stuff?

Boy! I feel fatter just thinking about this Woot!

Deep frying makes anything taste better, even snickers bars. Buy this.

Wow, the description is effing hilarious. What do you really have to deep fry though?

Hey - “Saint Fatty’s Day”! – I resemble that remark!!

any have one of these

oh man, that looks awesome. i really want some fries now


Adjustable Temperature Control with settings from 300-375 degrees Fahrenheit

use it often and that’ll be your weight

Soooo good but SUCHHHH A BAD IDEA!!! Deep fried foods are horrible for you. But yummy

Be warned people who have not used a deep fryer at home before, they royally stink up your whole house and eventually leave a oily film on everything, your house will smell like mcdonalds for days

Shweet Much better than McDonalds… I control the transfat… But this seems a tad dangerious comparied to friers with based walls… Any have experience?

HAH! It’s got an Apple Magsafe power cord. Neato.
P.S. What’s the best kind of oil for stuff like this?

i would end up burning my house down

i’ve been using an electric deep fryer for a while. suprisingly, deep frying adds less oil to food than pan frying, since the extra heat capacity in the oil forces the moisture out of the food as steam, preventing fat from penetrating.

alton brown had a good segment called “man food” covering this subject, i believe.

anyhow, deep frying let you make stuff that’s impossible in a pan. and for $20 you can’t go wrong.