Ultron Fleece

Why is this fleece pattern called Ultron? Black Widow is always left out of the Avengers merchandise… now even her name is even left out of a rare item featuring her!!

Yea, it’s like some wierd conspiracy as if she is a real super spy and they are trying to keep her under wraps.

This is ridiculous. I hope this was on Marvel’s merchandising end and not your end, Woot, because it’s super lame.

More likely, it’s what the Vendor called it on the Purchase Order. The Home team isn’t exactly into Avengers, I’m sorry to say. Hard to believe, I know. What’s a moderator to do?

I’ll send an email to see if they can make the title a bit more accurate.

I suspect it’s because it’s from the “Age of Ultron” line of fleeces, but I can see your point.