Um... What's the Point of Doing this at Midnight?

Is there any actual reason for releasing a product at midnight? Seems kind of stupid.

Why not release it at 9am or 10am when people are just sitting down and logging on for the day. If the midnight thing is just to be “techie” or “eXtreme”, then it’s actually kind of lame.

And besides… dammit. At midnight I’m in World of Warcraft playing Battlegrounds and can’t be bothered to check Woot as I’ve got Horde to crush. er… did I just say that out loud?

Why do new people get on here and question how Woot works. Whether than question, embrace! That is the Woot way.

Wow. Could you sound more like a cultist? :slight_smile:

What’s wrong with asking for the reason behind an apparently screwy business decision?

Why not move to Iraq where it does launch at 9am?

LMAO! How politically incorrect of you Luke! [:D]

There is nothing wrong with asking a question. In fact I love the questions.

However, asking why Woot doesn’t change the time of the new item posting is like saying “are we there yet?” as soon as you start a trip.

You will find upon looking in the forums that this question is asked at the very very very least once a week.

I like Luke’s idea though. Iraq. Maybe I could drive the big rigs.

Seems to be working pretty well for them so far…

Woot isn’t about the jokes the customers get, like the Bag Of Crap and Mystery speakers.

To me its a social experiment. How many morons are does America hold? How many times can said morons be taken advantage of?

Woot will take an item thats utter crap, mark it down by from $110 to $90 and watch as their stock goes. While other stores with fastest shipping, better customer contact and servers that aren’t running 10 year old pentiums, are lucky to sell one or two a day.

The WootOffs are the grand masters of making even half wit monkeys wonder “wtf”. They can take an item thats utter crap, price it the same as everywhere else, and watch as thousands sell in just minutes. Then they can change the color of it, and do it all over again.

Woot makes money, it proves how dumb americans are, and the owners get to have fun with it.
Sounds like an average result of Texas business.

I think we all decided that was “morans.”

Does this have anything to do with this moron?

My guess is 3 times? What did I win?

LOL, I knew someone was going to nail my balls to the wall.
I didn’t say I was any better, or that I disagreed with the business plan.

Yeah, it was a cheap shot - but oh so funny.


//starts dancing with the hat rack

Watch those hooks!

Count on the hooks, easier to swing the partner round and round…


I just wanted to write that.


dammit, I was going to post this!