Un-linking from Amazon account?


My Amazon Prime account got messed up, and apparently, while I wait for Amazon’s Billing, Subscription, and who knows what other departments to finish getting all that sorted so my account with them works again, my Woot orders (including but not limited to what :sniffle: would have been my first :background music from string section begins to swell: BOC :cello string breaks:) are getting processed, charged, then being “denied”, and un-charged, with Customer Service’s records’ showing my credit card company refused the charges, and my bank’s saying they had been reversed by the vendor…


It’s all a bit of a mess, and logging into my Woot account directly rather than through Amazon hasn’t helped, so I wondered if it was possible to undo the linkage? The two logins are already different email addresses. I don’t want to break any rules by creating another Woot account.

Is it even possible to sever association between the accounts or am I doomed to eternal linkage?


I believe if you log into your Amazon account, then go to your account, there’s a spot for “login with Amazon” and the link to the Woot account is there – so try removing that.


I did try that after the Bag of Constipation… maybe if I remove the other vaguely-named things I don’t recognize that are listed in that Login with Amazon section, and clear my cache for this app?
Wish me luck with the amputation :smirk:


…aaaand, nope :frowning: Same outcome.


When logging into Woot, can you log in without using your Amazon account? With your original Woot Account? That way payments and everything go through Woot and not through Amazon Pay?


Yes, I tried that too - it lets me post here and place orders, but then reverses the charges an hour or two later :cry:

Thank you, though!


Hi there. Sorry for the problem disconnecting from Amazon. I checked with our CS expert and she said that’s all she knows to try as well. As best as we can tell, Amazon doesn’t let go easily. :confused:


This does feel a lot like the year it took to successfully end my engagement :stuck_out_tongue:
Once again, I find myself grateful I just didn’t take that final step and become legally married, this time to Amazon (not sure how, but I’d bet a fair sum this is possible).