Unable to add/verify payment

I tap this at steps towards checkout and it goes to a blank screen.

I have tried signing out of Amazon and woot to no avail. How can I buy anything if the app won’t let me verify my payment method after a change of address?

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Could you try adding the payment through Amazon.com?

Happened to me as well. No way of confirming the payment method from a new address app nor website would work.

There might be a problem then with your payment method? I always do all that on amazon.com under my payments. Be sure and double check your spelling and address, all that stuff.

Since Amazon Pay is the system in use, it stands to reason if you’re having problems your beef will be with Amazon, not the Woot forum.

The Woot app is wonky and slow anyway. They can’t even manage to run simple games in it.

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You have to verify your card on Amazon. Go to settings, Your Payments, settings and “your purchase preferences”. Choose the bubble that has the last 4 of your card then you’ll see that you have to re-enter your card number.

Once you verify that card you can go back to Woot and it will proceed to the next page.

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Correctamundo, hoss. Now we need to tell @alexs55.

And we have :confetti_ball:

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