Unable to obtain RMA label

I can’t print the RMA return label from my initial email discussion with woot support. It leads me to a page for a generic UPS display.

Any time I go to “stuff you bought” and attempt to “download or print label” it says I will be emailed with instructions but they never come!!

Does anyone have any information on printing return labels? Is there a workaround?

Hi there. Sorry for the issues with printing. Do you have any web blockers (pop-up blockers) that could be interfering? Or fire walls?

Also, look for an email from UPS, not woot for the label instructions. Make sure you check your spam/junk folders.

If no luck, get back in touch with CS.

Thanks for the advice! I had no ad blockers on, nor did I receive an email directly from UPS. I was able to reach CS and they sent a new label. At the same time, I did receive an email from UPS.

All good now. Thank you!

YAY! Sorry for the frustration!

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