Ugh another cream shirt…I’d buy it otherwise.


It’ s too "Where the Wild Things Are"ish.


wow that is one ugly shirt, no thanks


no me gusta “cream”




whats with all the cool design/bad color shirts lately


how is this hallloween?

woot said "The winning shirts will be sold as part of a full week of Halloween shirt festivity, and we’ve already chosen the commissioned shirts we’re going to sell during that week. So if it looks like we ripped off your werewolves-trick-or-treating-in-Atlantis shirt idea, well, we didn’t.


Thought we were doing Halloween stuff this week? Anyway, it’s going to be a no for me. Not liking the design too much.


Looks like it could be the cover of a Led Zeppelin album


agreed. not a fan of the color. Change them up and id be interested. really nice idea thou.


I was going to say "Alice in Wonderland"ish…


not bad - in for one


Ugly is Right


Is it the LSD or just the shirt? Trippy, man…


Exactly! I forgot about that promise…


The week of Halloween starts the 24th.


Either way, I’m not doing whatever drug you need to enjoy it.


Alas, cream just isn’t the color I’m seeing when look at this design. This statement seems to require a darker shade.

Plus, if I’m going to be fending off home invaders in it at night I require something a bit more stealthy.


Definitely ugly. Cream just makes it worse.

Bring back the solid, old-school prints! We love those!