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Unbinded.net is a magical place… not really, but it’s spiffy as all hell. It’s a place for indipendant artists, be ye digital, analog, or mayhaps in some sort of non-visable spectrum. We provide you with a blog, a place to submit your stuff, and a place to talk to artists, just like you.

Oh, and we’re having a very sexy contest right now, so feel free to join and win and all that too.

www.unbinded.net - tre sexy


“très sexy”


I thought he (she?) meant “tree sexy.”



I’m so ‘indipendant’ I have a complete disregard for spelling the English language correctly.

Ha, from the website: “To define ourselves would be to limit our purpouse and challenge our ideas.”

If I strove to be an individual, wouldn’t I want to challenge my ideas in order to better define myself?






Death By Indifference