Uncaged Ergonomics Active Standing Desk Mat

Haha. Don’t need to spend hard earned money on this. The kids already leave an obstacle course of things upon which to balance for that circus-act level of active standing.

OK, if the raised sphere makes it easy to slide the mat out of the way (as the description says), does that mean it’s easy to knock it out of place accidentally? Does it stay securely stuck in place when you stand on it?

It’s 8lbs and high density foam. I don’t think you’ll be able to accidentally kick it out of place.

Am I daft, or is the ball thing in the middle not designed for stretching and massaging your feet? It’s tennis ball sized, and tennis balls are often recommend for massaging tired feet and relieving plantar fasciitis

From the features:

The center massage ball massages and stretches your feet…

Also good for fatigue from standing…sitting down.