Uncaged Ergonomics Adjustable Height Keyboard Tray

Couple of questions, if anyone knows…

  1. The description says “Is the mouse pad adjustable?: Yes. Slides left & right + tilts.” Can the mousetray be *attached *on the left or right of the keyboard tray? Or what?

  2. “Rail Length (mounts to your desk): 16” Does the KT2 come with all the screws or whatever to attach it to the desk? How thick does the desk surface need to be? How far below the bottom of the desk surface does the rail + hardware extend?


From the FAQ on the manufacturer’s site:

Does the mouse pad work for left-handed people?
YES! The mouse pad is easily removable & adjustable. It connects equally as well to the right or left side.

On mounting, it says:

How does KT2 mount to a desk?

Use the included screws to bolt the guide rail to the underside of your desk. KT2 slides securely in an out on this guide rail