Uncaged Ergonomics Adjustable Laptop Stand

Uncaged Ergonomics Adjustable Laptop Stand

I like the concept, but… Does anyone know, since the spec sheet doesn’t list this information, what the load/weight bearing capacity is for the stand? My home office laptop is a monster Dell Precision M6600 Mobile Workstation, with a 17" screen and weighing in at a whopping 7.5 pounds! (“mobile” can be a very subjective term) I’ve measured, and the work surface area will support my “laptop on steriods”, but I have serious reservations whether the stand’s pivot joints can be tightened sufficiently to bear the load of the Dell for any prolonged period of time. Would love to place an order, but not unless/until someone can provide me with that vital detail. Someone? Anyone able to enlighten me, please?

Woot! Hey, Woot! You’ve got a spelling error in the title. It’s adJustable not adustable…

I believe they just left out the space after the “a”. It is “a dustable” laptop stand. Easily dusted when dust accumulates.

Greetings TopDad2!,
Just to the right of the price click on 201 Amazon reviews. You may be able to find your answer there?

Greetings TopDad2!,
Go to www.Amazon.com , search for ASIN:B004QRXLIG your answer may be there!

I had this exact stand, but a plastic version. Unfortunately, one of the legs got twisted and broke. I also have a 17" cinderblock of a laptop. I didn’t have any issues with the stand being able to support it. It’s great for using your laptop while sitting on a sofa, recliner, or bed. It can be configured to pretty much any position. I actually thought how much better this would be in metal. I’m definitely in for one. Thanks Woot!

Fixed. If only our admin tools allowed spelling extensions to work within text boxes. Sigh.

FOUND IT! On Amazon


So not exact?

It’s great to see someone fulfilling their life work!