Uncaged Ergonomics Adjustable Laptop Stand

Uncaged Ergonomics Adjustable Laptop Stand

Got this using one of my Sweet 16 B0C coupons I won. It was a dollar more at $26.99 but with the $20 off…
Anyway, the wife absolutely loves this thing. It can be used as a belly tray to a chair side laptop stand and everything in between. Well worth the $26.


I would have bought this immediately IF there had been air holes put into the table portion of the device so there would be sufficient air flow to the laptop. I COULD drill my own holes but why buy a device with a flaw?

Interesting. I purchased this item from Woot earlier this year and mine does have air circulation holes. (edit: just looked it up, my purchase was a different brand)

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I don’t see place for a mouse. If not it would have been nice for placing a mouse.

This is the one Woot presented earlier this year. The mouse pad was not included, and there were air circulation holes-not powered fan vents. Maybe you can find the mouse pad separately.


Red dragon mouse pad was on sale during the Woot! Off; surprised so many missed it!! I got the Shhhh Mouse and the mousepad but still no laptop or pc. :woman_facepalming:

The panel is made of aluminum and naturally dissipates heat. Holes aren’t necessary for cooling … Just like when you put a pan in the stove to boil water, u don’t need holes to transfer heat to boil the water.

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Uncaged Ergonomics makes a pretty sweet universal mouse pad: UncagedErgonomics.com/workez-mouse-pad

Do the pivots have tightening knobs, or will they work until they don’t like laptop hinges?

Each “elbow” locks into place. You push the button in, set the position and release it. No need to worry about the hinges wearing out. The stand likely won’t outlast them. I see in the specs that aluminum is listed as the material, but the joints of mine were made of plastic. They have absolutely no lateral give. First time a leg gets some sideways stress, it will snap at the joint. On a more positive note… I loved it while it lasted. It’s super adjustable, which makes it very comfortable to use sitting up, in bed, in a car (yea… not while driving), etc.

Do not disturb is the only mode I’m in while driving. Good call!

Pro Tip: Put the bottom leg section on the inside of the middle leg section, not on the outside as pictured. That way, it takes up less counter space. It’s a very solid stand. Surprising to find such high quality today.

I bought one of these some years back for my Mom who was bed ridden so she could watch movies on a laptop or use it to hold books to read. That one was was metal afaik and she liked it. It was more expensive than this though.

You guys are truly the best sales people. I have learned to really trust your reviews on items and Woot has made quite a penny off of them - I think you deserve some kickbacks

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Hey TT, are you listening to this?

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