Undead Whispers

*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

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These zombie shirts are getting old and more stale every time.

brb in 24 hours I guess.

None of them look like they are whispering though…

umm no thanks =]

This doesn’t really look like anything to do with Halloween, but I bought it anyways because its soooooo darn weird! Love how insane it looks :slight_smile: 2/4 for Hallowoot shirts for me.

no Halloween shirt for me at this rate…

Pass, but well done parody of Normal Rockwell… fuh-kin win level parody :slight_smile:

Grats Blair!!!

Well, I like it. In for uno.

This shirt is awesome. Finally, something done creatively, that took some modicum of skill to execute.

Zombies, of course!! Woot loves their zombies…

Well I like this chain method of people turning into zombies, but I’ve been craving the more colorful Woots as of late (grass, kelly or orange). So far the “WhereWereYouWolf” is still my favorite but I really do like this design since I’m a zombie fan. Congrats to the artist.

Interesting parody, but I think I’m done with the zombie shirts for a while. I just got an asphalt zombie shirt a week and a half ago.

I love it xD

This is awesome!
But I’ve bought too many shirts already.

next thing you know, this is going to be the print on the shirt.woot! bags for halloween… ha!

My god! This shirt is amazing!
I’m thoroughly convinced now. Most woot shoppers/posters are fools.

It’s like a bad slasher movie.

Meh couldn’t be bothered with this one - not a big fan of the Halloween tees :[