Under $25 and Feelin' Alive!



This looks like the “hard to shop for category”. Who’s left on your list to shop for? We can help find them a gift!


Are the Mr. Root beer kit bottles the same as the Mr beer bottles?

If so, I could make root beer THEN have double the brewing capacity!


These Stanley knife/razor combos are pretty useful and nice to have in your pocket. And the price looks good compared to what I usually pay for them.


For those interested in the Preserved Boxwood items, they are NOT safe for cats. I checked with the company after buying one a few months ago. If you can put it behind glass though, as I have done, they are very nice additions to a home.


I bought the bird nest wall art a month or so ago. When it arrived it was missing one bird and another bird’s beak. Service Woot said they had no more and took it off my bill but let me keep the art.


Usual price for the Root Beer kit is about $27 from the actual site and others (like ThinkGeek), so $12 seems pretty decent…

They sell refill kits as well off the mrbeer site for about $10 each.


That decorative whatever holder holds four chandles, cancles, or candles, depending upon which part of the description you rely upon. Need a bit of sleep, somebody?


One thing is clear, though: the cancles are not included!


LOL. Apparently. I’ll send that in for fixin’.


Still curious about this…


I got the Mr Rootbeer kit for my Dad in a previous woot. It is INCREDIBLY good rootbeer when it is done.
The process is a bit messy.

If you do buy this I recommend using a large pitcher with a spout to pour from instead of a large bowl as the instructions suggest, otherwise it is a great kit and a whole lot of scientific fun to make.


Yes. They’re brown plastic screw-top bottles, there’s nothing special about them. You could also save plastic soda bottles (though they’re thinner and tend to be clear, so air exchange and light might spoil your beer), save used glass beer bottles and buy a capper, or buy reusable glass bottles with mason tops.

The Mr Rootbeer kit comes with 4 bottles, so you’ll need two. But yes, they are otherwise identical to the Mr Beer kit bottles.