Under Armour 6" 5 Pack Boxer Jocks

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Under Armour 6" 5 Pack Boxer Jocks
Price: $39.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Mar 27 to Tuesday, Mar 28) + transit
Condition: New


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1/2/2017 - $39.99

With a name like Under Armour this had better come with a titanium cup!

End Sarcasm Mode

Order ASAP, last time these were on sale about a month ago Woot cancelled my order.

I’m concerned that if I ordered these, the “assorted” would result in me getting half of them in that hot pink color. And hot pink just doesn’t look good on me.

You look good in hot pink. Trust me.

Does anyone know how tall the wristbands are? I dislike the wide tall ones. My gut doesn’t fit. Lol

BOOO on weightist sizes. Where’s the good old fat guy sizes?

Do an assortment of the 3" lengths. These boxer jocks are great for hot weather, but when I’m hot I want less material.

We were just discussing this at work recently (yeah…lofty discussions we have) so I’m going to ask here: Does anyone really use the little “door” in the front? Doesn’t everyone just do the ol’ pull down?

Or…maybe I’m just the weird one :-/

am i supposed to believe that five pairs of underwear actually cost $100?

and what’s up with ‘pair of underwear’ anyway… it’s one piece of clothing…

I use the “door.” If you’re in biz casual wear you’re not going to do the full pull down, it’s too much work to fix everything back in place afterwards.

Pull down works best and cleanest!

The fly is the major difference between these and the less costly Pumas. Sometimes I like a fly. Last time they not only cancelled my order but were very slow in doing so. Notified there would be a delay after I was supposed to receive them. Then after waiting more then a month from that point, told it was a no deal. Woot did not acknowledge that I was not happy I got charged $5 shipping on the $8 cheap non cancelled item that I intended to piggy back on the shipping. Yes you can end up with some bad colors.

I agree, as I had the same experience.

In matters such as this I am going to stick with Marshall’s or TJ Maxx.

Woot gave me $10 and apologized for the long wait. I just attempted to apply the code, and it didn’t work. I have emailed customer service. Come on Woot…this isn’t the way to do business.

If 2XL was available, I’d be all in.

Same exact experience here. Can’t apply the coupon code. Annoying. Hopefully these arrive though!

I have actually cancelled my order…I am that upset with