Under Armour Fitness T-Shirt 3-Pack

Under Armour Fitness T-Shirt 3-Pack

How much do you get paid for doing their advertising for them?

Say what?

It’s pretty much the same for a number of retail brands, no? The one with the swoosh, the nautical brand, the stores that rhyme with Zap and Cold Gravy.

(Most of my shirts come from shirt.woot, where they would never be that blatant.)

If I order 2 sets of tge same size, will I get different shirts?

Alas, I’m not staff, so I can’t say one way or another. I suppose that no matter how random something is, as long as there’s a finite element, there’s a possibility of repeats.

If I order 2 sets of tge same size, will I get different shirts?

Since apparently staff doesn’t respond unless it’s directly directed at them- not a volunteer mod.

Hi there. Sorry for the late answer. I’m lucky enough to get weekends off but @Narfcake gave the correct answer.

If you order more than one set, we can’t promise that you’ll get different colors between the two.

Got my shirts and what a waste of money. Got colors and styles I would never wear or buy. Got a cammo, black, and blue all with hideous designs. I will just give them away.

I bought the ladies for me and youth for my son. His were great, even got one long-sleeved. However, the ladies were not the ones as shown in the picture, but cotton shirts that ran small. The ones pictured run big and I ordered the size I wear in that style. The cotton ones run small, so although I love the designs and colors, they are too small.