Under Armour Men's Original Boxerjock

So, one pair of underwear for $15-$20. Wow. I can barely stop myself from saving.

Look at the photo… you get MORE than just the underwear!!!

Will they make my package look that big too? If so, I’ll take a pair for each day of the week!!

Is the potato included?

Seriously, though, how the heck did men’s underwear end up on the “Sports & Outdoors” page? Just which sport is Woot referring to? Inquiring minds want to know.

It’s the same logic that has a child’s toy headlining under “Home and Kitchen”.

Only for the 90-day woot warranty. :tongue:

The price is only OK. I find that I have to do a search on the product and ensure that I’m getting a bargain now before I buy (not like the good old days when wooters could impulse impulse buy car mp3 rigs and robot mowers with abandon and almost always get a good deal). I searched around and ended up getting a couple pairs a dollar per pair cheaper from another outlet.

Under Armour makes excellent wicking underwear. If you haven’t tried this style of underwear it is worth considering. They work far better for me than tighty whities or standard issue boxers, and are all that I wear these days.

They also wear longer than McDonalds food. I’ve found that the elastic waistband gives out after years of regular use, but even then the rest of the underwear looks pristine.

These exact boxerjock are at TJMaxx for $8 a pair.

I bought these for my adult son last year for Christmas (I know!!). He asked for them again for his birthday and any other time I want to buy him something. He LOVES these! He works heavy construction as a grade checker (a lot of walking) and says these are the only underwear that keep him comfortable. The TJMaxx price is a great deal if you have one nearby. They’re regularly $20/pair.

I’ve been wearing “premium” athletic underwear for a couple years now, and my favorites are Adidas. They use multiple pieces of fabric to get a great fit (same as high-end biking shorts). They can be had at TJ Maxx/Marshalls/Nordstrom Rack for about half this price.

UnderArmour has been riding on their name and early innovations for years. I haven’t bought anything from them in years because Nike, Adidas, and others have caught up with and surpassed them (I’ll take a DriFit top over a UA one any day).

That said: if you’ve never tried athletic underwear, do yourself a favor and buy a few pairs from somewhere. Anyone still using 100% cotton boxer briefs is missing out.

I am normally a big UA fan, but I agree with other posts, any performance undies over 6 or 7 bucks a pair are way overpriced. Like anyone sees what brand they are anyway?? If you’re into brand snobbery…

You win hands down. The potato… HA HA HA