Under Armour Men's Tops

Men don’t wear “tops”…it’s a shirt!

Armour may disagree…

I’d get one but these ugly colors…

Thank you. I am color blind and was about to pull the trigger on one of those ugly colors. Its too late to wake up my wife and say "wake up tell me if this color is white/pink/grey/ugly). Not kidding.

“They” can call them whatever they want, but they didn’t sell. Seeing that they’re in the business of sales, however, one might think they’d do better in their marketing department. Only women call men’s shirts “tops”. So either their head of marketing for this product line is female or they hoped women would buy them for their men. Either way they missed and had to dump their product on a merchandise salvage website.

Quote postid=“5722477” user=“ThunderThighs”]Armour may disagree…


Woot, you suck! I still haven’t received my order yet! How do I cancel my order?

Jeez, I’m sorry you haven’t received your shirts. It sounds like you may not have received tracking. If not, please try using your order number to ‘Track by Reference’ on UPS or FedEx’s websites. If you don’t turn up any info there, you can email you order number, user name and situation to support@woot.com for further assistance. Again, apologies; keep us updated on how things go.

I also had an order placed over 3 weeks ago and still no shipping information, Losing faith in the woot.

I’m really sorry to hear that. Have you emailed your situation and order number to support@woot.com yet? If not, CS can take a look at your order and let you know what’s up. Let us know how it goes.

Whew, I thought it was just me. I still have not received my order yet. I already contacted support and they’re still waiting on the tracking.

What gives? I placed this nearly three weeks ago.