Under Armour O-Series Boxerjock

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Under Armour O-Series Boxerjock
Price: $14.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 2-3 business days. (Thursday, Sep 22 to Friday, Sep 23) + transit
Condition: New


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The length on these is too short. Too short, I say! Not buying again. Also not breathable.

4.5 Stars over at the Product Page

Too short? Did you see they have a 9" option? That’s super long.

Can the delivery drone wear my order?

Do you want that over or under the tights? I’ll judge you regardless of your answer. :wink:

must of been cold during that photo shoot.

Are the shorts what are causing that guy’s veins to pop out of his arms?

It’s like I’m standing eye level with this guy’s crotch and it’s saying hi.

Are these “Factory Reconditioned”? :poop:

“Working Fly” is an oxymoron. I’ve never used the escape hatch. I’d rather have less material in that zone.

I was a lifelong cotton boxer brief wearer, until I tried these of course. I’ll never go back to cotton after wearing the 6" UA boxerjock, these are far superior to cotton. However, at $14.99 I find it hard to swallow. Once in a blue moon these show up for as low as $9.99 at my local outlet mall and I stock up.

Someone mentioned the ‘working fly’. I must say this is important, I’ve bought a couple of pairs that did NOT have the working fly and its a PITA sitting at the urinal trying to find the fly before you realize there isn’t one on the pair your wearing.

Sitting at a Urinal is a bathroom foul. It’s a double foul if it is a floor urinal.

I assume ‘O-series’ means original series but that doesn’t tell me much. What is the Under Armour model/item number?

These aren’t the super tight compression type shorts. These are somewhat tight and I don’t like these as much.

For those of you who really enjoy THIS particular pair, I bought a BUNCH of Reebok ones that are just like these shorts for $5 a piece at TJMaxx but it’s a crap shoot there.

It is a pretty decent “Boxerjock” but beware the price. WOOT, you need to do a better job on these! I purchase last time they were up for grabs, thinking it was a 2 pack, but NO!! I got one stinkin’ pair. (Wait isn’t a “PAIR” two??) Not in this case.
No savings at all when you factor in shipping.

Woot has become ridiculous. These prices are higher than the UA store! Yesterday I paid 2 for $30 with free shipping (not $5), and their outlet was $11.99 for boxerjock.
The day Amazon bought woot is the day the music died. R.I.P. Removing from favorites…

It’s “Original” Series model 127723.

Thanks but that isn’t enough digits.