Under Armour Sports Masks

Under Armour Sports Masks

Do not buy these masks if you think they will provide protection against covid 19. I bought several early on because they sold them as easier to Newark for doing sports. And since I was struggling with asthma to wear any mask, I bought several.

No where did they have a warning that they did not protect from the virus. I checked carefully, and even called them before in ordered.

Then saw they were on sale a couple of months ago, so I went on to purchase more. Low and behold they had RECENTLY added such a warning. I called them and the person I spoke with told me that the warning was correct, but had just been recently added. I asked for a refund, and said that would be a minor cost to them compared to those people who were still wearing them and got sick or died of covid. There was never any updated info sent out to purchasers, so whomever is still using them for that protection would not know. The company overall seemed totally uncaring about this.


It says on their website, “ * Non-medical & non-surgical mask, does not protect against viruses” You’re wearing it to protect others, not yourself. I’m stocking up for the next pandemic!

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We’ve added that to our specs as well.

I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure almost all “fashion masks,” in other words, anything not N95, has a similar warning. This doesn’t mean they offer NO protection. But in order to say it does provide protection, they would have to put it through extensive testing. The companies don’t want to spend the time or money and the general population doesn’t care.

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I think… that’s true. I said that fashion masks do offer some protection.

I can click on the both images above the last one and zoom in and see the the neck hair…but the sizing chart , I can’t zoom in on.
I see A, I see B and I see that there is a pro-tip…that’s about it.

Here you go. It’s about 1/2 way down this page: