Under Armour Sportsmask

Under Armour Sportsmask

My first impression: It looks like a tiny feed bag.

I wish there were more photos to show whether it’s thick or not. That’s a high price for it to end up in my “ehh, no” bin of Covid masks.

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How do you determine the correct size??

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I looked it up on Amazon and found sizing instructions.

I own one of these I bought it when it first came out. I’m a personal trainer so I wanted something comfortable to wear at the gym. This is the best gym mask! Comfortable to wear all day and the inside layer is UAs cooling material so the hot breath of heavy breathing while exercising is more manageable. It’s a thicker mask but not heavy at all. Well worth the money!


I also own these and purchased them about a year ago. The mask body is very well constructed and quite thick. I wear glasses and was never able to get the nose bridge to work. In addition, the ear loops are very flimsy and tend to stretch out. Mine only lasted a few wears. I wouldn’t recommend these.


This is my favorite mask, and I have used many. My only complaint is they dog up my sunglasses, but every other mask I have work does the same. This is an excellent mask and there is a reason why sports coaches and athletes choose this mask.

Sizing Info

Hi there. Sizing info is about half way down this page:

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According to the size chart I’m a M/L… I’m very sceptical about the sizing though. I’ve always been a larger face mask size like “adult+” or XL. Anyone have experience with that?

I’m a little concerned about the sizing as well. I picked up two and err’d on the larger size. I figure I can always cinch up the ear straps with a knot, slider, or something else handy.

They look really nice.


has anyone else had this shipped to them yet. I just got this from woot support

" However upon checking the details seems like estimated delivery date is by 11/05/2021, hence request you to wait. "

Hi there. Looks like these are made-to-order. They’ll likely start shipping next week. That estimated delivery date is May 11, 2021.

ah… silly america with our month day year… thanks

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I am guessing the vendor miscounted again…

Nope, just running late.

I wonder how much bacon it will hold?

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Ordered on April 26 and still not shipped
was supposed to be delivered may 12
has anyone received theirs

I show the expected delivery date was yesterday, but it still shows the order as “preparing for shipping” so it looks like we’re going to be waiting at least a little longer

It’s taken so long the CDC has stopped requiring masks.


I made an i nquiry on the delay with support. They gave me two options. 1) give them a few days to look into it or 2) get a refund on the three items (2 masks & the slides). I replied with option 1 then a couple of days later I received a full refund on the masks & slides with an unclear reason. I assume this means they aren’t coming which makes me a little sad.

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