Under Armour Undeniable 4.0 Duffle

Under Armour Undeniable 4.0 Duffle

Which dimensions are correct? The description shows both:

“ * Dimensions When Full: 10.6"W x 21.7"H x 11.2"L//Volume: 2,502 Cubic In. / 41 L”


“ Dimensions When Full: 11.8"W x 24.4"H x 13"L. Volume: 3,539.4 Cubic In. / 58 L”

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I second this question. The Pics appear to show the large bag, but the sizes are for the small and medium bags.

I third the question

Hi all. This is the medium bag. Correct dimensions are:

Dimensions When Full: 11.8"W x 24.4"H x 13"L. Volume: 3,539.4 Cubic In. / 58 L


I have this bag. The medium is the perfect size for the gym and travel. It holds a ton of stuff. Great deal on this bag.

Did anyone actually receive this item? My order still isn’t shipped.

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Looks like several of the UA items from that day are just taking a little longer than usual to get out. My est. Ship date shows next Wed, 5/12. I’m waiting on:

  • 1ea UA Bag
  • 1pr UA slides
  • 2ea UA mask


So I just found out that these are “made to order”. Unfortunately, the sale wasn’t set up correctly to display that.

Word is that they should start shipping them out late this week and into next week.

Too the Woot team, these are manufactured in Asia. Are you saying that the bags will be manufactured in Asia, packed onto a ship and then brought to America for them to be unpacked from shipping containers, delivered to a warehouse, picked from a warehouse stock, packaged and then sent out? It seems like that is a bit more than a few days, that seems like 6-8 weeks.