Under Armour Women's Featherweight Fleece Oversize Hoodie

Under Armour Women's Featherweight Fleece Oversize Hoodie

there’s a hole in the back?

Manufacture defect. There’s a hole in the back

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to put a boc?

Would you prefer a partial back?

One photo shows a zipper, the other does not? So, zipper or no zipper?


I was just coming here to ask the same question!

Wait a sec, I saw the second photo and the zipper and bought it instantly… Now I realize they are 2 different hoodies! I don’t want the pull-over. Any way we can confirm?

Ditto! This is a confusing set of images

I agree. The 2nd image is the one I thought I was getting.

It’s cheap because half the back is missing.

So your head will be warm but your back will be cold?

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@thunderthighs or any woot staff please help us out! #deal-chatter

I canceled my order.

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Same, that’s just not cool.

I have ordered one, now I am not sure. I do not want it with a hole in the back.

It is a vent so you air out the small of your back after it lets out a tiny fart.

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I need to cancel, I do not need a hole in my back