Under-Cabinet Lighting

Does anyone know if any of these will withstand some heat? I need to replace the 30" florescent fixture in my vent-a-hood that is on 24/7.

Are there any more pictures available? I want to see how it attaches to the cabinet

i have a simular at home and it works very well, i like it

I’d like more information on the wiring lengths.I’m curious as to how much space there is from the outlet to the first light - I need to know how far I can go from the outlet without the need to more extension cord.

Jesco Lighting PK200X3-WH 3-Light Halogen Plastic Puck Light Kit, White

LED should be fine with 24/7 operation but not halogen :slight_smile:

Power Cord length on the transformer is around 60 inches

Is there a way to hardwire lights as I am replacing older lighting fixtures. Comment about “transformer” is puzzling. Your picture has a 120 volt plug. What is voltage of unit? 120 volt or is it stepped down to 24/12 volts? Please clarify.Thanks

For the transformer
Input voltage is 120V
Output is 12V

the fixture is 12V

The important indicator of LED light quality is the CRI, the color rendering index. These days LEDs with CRI of 90+, even mid-90s, are affordable. (Incandescent light has CRI=100.)

A good rule of thumb: when the specs omit the CRI, that’s because it’s around 80, in which case DO NOT BUY. You’ll get flattened colors, with no warms/reds. Bleh.

All the above also applies to florescent lights, BTW. Except that high-CRI florescents are very cheap, and have been for years.

Clarification is: He’s talking about the round puck lites. The “strips” or “bar” lites have the transformer, if it uses one, inside the housing. You can indeed hardwire in the strip lites by cutting off the plug and using the power cord to get to your power connection (in a box, don’t be a worthless low dollar contractor and just free air wire nut or electrical tape the connections together)

Do the fixtures come as shown, with the lights and all the mounting and connection hardware?

Check Specs Tab, It stats what is in the Box

Stainless would help some of us next time around.

Ok thanks. But not clearly stated, so does fixture mean lights included.

A simple yes or no would of been much easier, don’t you think?

I think he’s a rep but since he didn’t introduce himself who knows. under features for the one i saw it said lamp included.

So I just got my two new light kits today and I was SO excited to get them up in my super dark kitchen. Only when I opened the boxes I was suprised to find that the Cabels with AMP connectors was missing out of both boxes!! Now what? I really want to kep these lights.

Oh man, sorry about that. You might reach out to the manufacturer; they might be able to just send the missing parts.

If you need any additional help, please email support@woot.com with your order info and issue; CS can help work things out.

Just got an email from Woot that my 36" strips aren’t in stock after all. I’m really pissed about this. I thought inventory management was what they did.

I ordered 12", 18", and 36" in order to complete a specific installation, and now they’ve cancelled just one part of it. Not a happy Wooter.