Under Desk Elliptical by FitDesk

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Under Desk Elliptical by FitDesk
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6/3/2015 - $99.99 - Click To See Discussion (16 comments)

Here are some reviews from Amazon

does anyone else find it ironic that the exercise machine is for sale right beside the indoor turkey fryer?

Product Page

The manufacturer’s comments on some of the (admittedly few) poor Amazon reviews suggest there have been two manufacturing runs on this product, because the first had some quality and packaging issues.

I would venture to guess Woot is clearing out the rest of the inventory of that first run…?

[MOD: Nope, these are brand new, straight from the factory. ]

Can I use it to power my computer?

This… this just seems so stupid.

The minimal effort you would put into peddling while typing at a keyboard in the position… ah, go back and refer to my “stupid” comment.

In theory I like this idea… only being 6’5" I can’t see it practical as the amount of working space I have under my desk today is… non-existent.

I’ve a few co-workers with standing desks who picked up mini-stair climbers… but only see one of them ever using it.

This thing would kill my knees. Not from the exercise, but from my knees whacking the bottom of my desk.

I bought this the first time WOOT offered it. Mine came with minor cosmetic issues and I actually ride about 20’ish miles a day on it, 5 days a week. USED to be whisper quiet, now makes noise and clicking sounds and rides a bit rougher. That being said, I’m 99.99% positive this is the newly updated version which pedals much smoother because the OEM offered to replace my defective one but they had to wait over a month for the new ones to come in. WOOT/Amazon was out. I’d buy it again at this price.

I wouldn’t mind having this for work if I could bolt it to the floor.

Did Fielding Mellish approve this product?

This thing is 1/3 the cost of Cubii that raised $300k on kickstarter and it’s probably better too.

I think they retail for about $350.

At $350, I would anticipate that being a better product.

I’ve often considered something like this and the claim is that the product can be used with desks as low as 25". Height of the user is not exactly considered though. I’d love a standing desk, but I’d have to reconfigure a great deal of space to have one. This may be worth purchasing…maybe.

I have something like this a de age used it for a few years now, never at work though.

I tried it under my kitchen table for days when I worked at home. I thumped my knees quite a few times, but once you get into the rhythm you almost forget you are pedaling.

It works best in an open environment. I now use it when playing video games. It doesn’t burn any major calories, but is better than jus sitting on the couch.

If you plan on using it under the desk, consider the amount of clearance available and your height. Both will likely be a factor in how well this works in a work scenario.

Can this be used at a standing desk - in other words, is there any weight limit on the gizmo?

This is my thought…set aside if this thing works or not set aside about banging your knees. In order to get any kind of workout, you need to increase your heartbeat a considerable amount for at least 20min or so. Doing that will lead to sweating, a fair amount of it. So it now begs this question, do you want to be at your workplace sitting at your desk sweating to death and stinking up the office?

The desk I have at home (for working from home, which I’m doing now… on the couch) isn’t very deep, so the elliptical prevents pushing a rolling desk chair in very far, so the chair always sticks out. I haven’t had much issue with banging my knees when I have used it (which isn’t as often as I should, just haven’t gotten myself in the habit), but I’m also an average height female. I have it on medium pile carpet and think hooking one wheel on the front bar is a good idea but not wholly necessary since it takes intent to roll the chair around. If you’re using it on a smooth surface or lower pile carpet, the risk of chair rolling would be pretty high, so hook that wheel! It’s not a bad device overall, and not super quiet (I even got a can of pledge to use on it, as suggested, for the noise), but at home I’m the only human for it to annoy.

Does anyone know if this is the first or second version in this video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0vDCgdQqx2A

I share an office and that might be annoying to the other person.