Under Desk Elliptical by FitDesk

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Under Desk Elliptical by FitDesk
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I swore this was a Robot when I first looked at it.

I have this. Quick review time!

Overall, I like it. A worthy purchase if you want something like this.

You need a high enough desk to have knee clearance, even though your legs don’t go up and down very high. It works great under my desk at work, as it doesn’t have a keyboard tray.

Fairly easy to put together. I’d skip the “foot massager” bar though. It’s meant to be a spot to stick a chair wheel so you don’t roll back, but I don’t have that problem and it just gets in the way. Even on a smooth surface floor, I’ve learned how to use it without pushing my rolling chair back.

It’s fairly quiet, if you take the right steps. The wheels under the pedals roll against the metal floor plate. They’re rubber-like and can squeak. Several have found that a quick squirt of Pledge wood cleaner where the wheels roll coats them in wax and keeps them quiet.

The little display is neat though I don’t really use it. But you might if you want to track time, or like to watch the speed go up and down.

Again, overall I like it. Well built and does its job well.

I bought this the last time it was on Woot and I love it!! I have almost 1700 miles on mine. And, yes, you can easily work while using it. Highly recommend! Great price too!!

I have a similar model, if you have strong legs it might not be enough resistance for you but it would still be good to get. Moving helps no matter what, I enjoy mine for that alone. Make sure your desk is high enough!

This is a good deal if you sit all day, also recommend getting a butt cushion to help with arse blood flow.

I have this unit, picked up from Amazon, a few months ago. Works well. You will need some room under your desk as it’s quiet long. If you can kick a wall (or the back of your desk) then you’re probably not going to be able to fit this under your desk.

As many have said, the unit will squeak badly, right out of the box. I grabbed my tool box, took off the pedals, and slathered everything in some general purpose grease. Squeaking is gone.

The cord with the display is rather short. You can get an extension cord cheap enough to place it anywhere you like. I picked up one of these and it works fine. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000YK1JAG/

One of the rings from the “foot massager” snapped off the first week when I put my foot down on it on accident. I haven’t bothered to replace it as I never use it.

Pedaling seemed a little awkward at first, but I got into it after a few days. After a week or two it was unconscious thought, you’ll be amazed at how much you end up pedaling by the end of the day! Do yourself a favor though and take regular breaks to stand up, walk around, and stretch.

In the end I’d definitely recommend this unit to anyone who feels guilty about sitting at a desk all day at work (like me)!

I bought one of these some time ago. Most of what others have said about placement is true. My desk is too low and I have been unable to make use of it. It also requires a higher than normal seat height! In my case, at 5’8" tall, The seat height has to be higher than I normally sit for it to even work marginally. In addition, even at it’s lowest effort setting it was very difficult to pedal. They were very stiff. I called the manufacturer and they said they would call me back. They didn’t and so I called them back again until I finally got a technician. The technician told me how to partially dismantle the unit and lubricate it. I did what he suggested and this did help some, but still not enough for it to be useful to me. It is now leaning up against the wall in my office, probably headed for Goodwill. No mention was made by the tech of replacing the unit. I cannot in good conscience recommend this unit. It may work for some, but I suspect for many it will be unsatisfactory.

Has anyone actually lost weight or gotten healthier with it?

I have one of these, too. I bought it to use while gaming, but it made being accurate with a mouse and keyboard nearly impossible. I’d recommend it for work or using a controller.

Has anyone lost weight using this?

re: weight loss

Weight gain and loss is an aggregate of behavior. So, if this device leads to additional activity and calorie spend, that will over time have a positive impact, assuming everything else stays the same.

For serious weight loss, diet is going to make the biggest impact - especially as one gets older.

Can this be used with a standing desk or only while sitting?

My dad is getting knee surgery next month and is looking at getting one of these to help with is recovery. anyone here use this for recover after knee surgery?

I bought one of these the last time they were offered on woot. Easy to set up, was actually remarkably a pretty decent workout… (although not for use with a chair that has wheels). Alas, in only 30 minutes. The C-clip that holds one of the pedals popped off and no manner of manipulation or swearing has fixed it. I contacted the seller who was super nice and very prompt who admitted that the c-clips were redesigned and sent me two. Turns out it was the entire pedal assembly that was re-designed so the clip did no good. Cost to ship back for replacement was as much as I paid so mine has been sitting in my garage ever since. Sad panda.

I’ve owned one for over a year, but stopped using it after about 6 months. While it does help burn calories during the work day, it caused me to have an issue that has taken another a few months to reverse.

Because of the incline of the pedals, and using it while seated, my feet were always pointed out and away from me. The daily use of this constantly being in that position, and the lack of other physical activities, caused my Achilles Tendon(s) to get tighter. When I finally started using the treadmill again, I realized it was very painful to walk with any sort of incline for more than a few minutes.

For this reason, I would not purchase one again nor would I recommend it to family or friends. Instead, get an under desk bike so your ankles can pivot freely and naturally. (Alternatively, if you’re aware of this issue, take steps to prevent it)

Weight loss or gain is primarily controlled by diet. Exercise will improve your health, but very few people will be successful losing weight without changes to their diet.

Ideally, you’d use equipment like this as one factor in changing your lifestyle (improving diet, increasing Non-Exercise Physical Activity (NEPA), working out regularly, etc.). There’s no single factor or magic bullet, however.

I would also like to know if this could be used at a “standing desk”?

You could use it standing, I have but it isn’t very stable to do tbh.

I guess you are only recommending it for work for those people whose work does not require accuracy with a keyboard and mouse?