Under Desk Elliptical by FitDesk

I know some of you have this. Lets see some personal reviews!

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Awesome product! I was worried about the clearance under the desk with my fairly long legs, but no problems.

GREAT customer service: one of the little wires wiggled out of place on the inside of the electronic counter thingy, so I called customer service to try to get the wiring diagram. She was a bit surprised, told me they usually just send out a new unit, but was sympathetic when i said I didn’t just want to throw yet another thing in the waste stream. I asked her to unscrew the unit and send me a picture of the inside so I could see where the wire is supposed to go. WITHIN MINUTES i had the pictures and fixed my unit (the included wrench opens it up).

I may buy another one so I don’t have to move it from place to place and so two of us can be pedaling concurrently at the office.

lol, i was working on mine when you posted that!!

June 3, 2015, 22 comments, mixed reviews, $99.99 then ($10 more then):

YAY! QUALITY POST! Love personal reviews.

and i LOVE QP’s!!!

Glad you are back from vacation; hope you had a great time.

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Gotta get me one of these :blush:

This elliptical will apparently help burn off the calories from eating so many York Peppermint Patty’s and Mr. Goodbars.

I like mine a lot, but two things:

The high point of the pedals is about 10 inches high. I am 6’ tall, and the measurement from top of my knees (sitting) to floor is about 21.5 inches with shoes. I needed six inches of clearance for my knees so I had to remove the long drawer under my desk.

Do yourself a favor and unscrew the foot massager bar and take off the plastic rollers, because they will soon break. The bar that they are on actually works pretty well to hold the roller from an office chair in place better than the curved groove by the lever for the following reasons:

  1. Getting a roller up the little incline to the groove can be a hassle, especially if you have to get up and down often enough.

  2. If your wheel falls out of the groove, which is easy to do, you will often enough slide down into the massager rollers, and they will break with a satisfying Crack! and Zing! as they fly off and smack into things. Satisfying, but still broken.

  3. If you have your wheel in center of the groove you will not be able to use the adjustment lever past difficulty 3 or 4 depending on your chair.

I bought one during the last WOOT offering.

Comments are:

  1. very well made
  2. very easy to assemble with small number of parts to assemble
  3. very smooth cycling action during to magnetic drive
  4. EXCELLENT customer support. I had a problem this month, emailed customer service and within a day, they mailed me the needed part.

I got one of these a year ago and I have to tell you I used it once. An under desk elliptical is a terrible invention and very difficult to use. It’s just not right for a seated position.

Save your money.

Can you use these barefoot? I wear heels a lot to work but would love something like this. I guess I could keep spare shoes under my desk with this…

I got this the last time it was offered and I use it with shoes, without shoes, barefoot and in socks. I haven’t had any issues personally. Hope that helps.

The very best thing about this elliptical, besides the fact that it keeps me from getting stiff sitting on my butt all day at work, is the fact that it is essentially silent. I can use the machine all day long while on conference calls on speaker phone. No one hears a thing. I love it.

Does it actually burn any calories?

Can I feel good about downing half a bottle of vodka if I spend 8 hours on this?

I mean, you’re not going to feel good if you drink a half bottle of vodka, no matter what you keep under your desk. So, you might as well get this thing!