Under Desk Elliptical by FitDesk

I bought this earlier and put it together yesterday.

Having troubles coordinating the motion. My feet are much smaller than the gentleman in the pictures here, thus my feet do not cover the length of the pedal. If I bring my foot to the top, the bottom part of the pedal slaps loudly and if I bring my foot to the bottom, I can’t easily get the pedals to move.

As it is, I practically have to stand up on it to get it moving. Anybody who has this have any suggestions?

I have this, but I haven’t had any issues getting the pedals to move. If you’re sitting in a wheeled office chair, one thing that might help is to hook one of the wheels behind the foot massager on the elliptical. That will let you pedal without the chair moving around. There’s a little indentation in front of the foot massager that’s supposed to serve the same purpose, but it doesn’t really work.

Overall I recommend this elliptical. It’s very solid and well-made. I initially had some issues with it squeaking, but I solved that by spraying furniture polish on the metal plate under the pedals and silicone lubricant on all the moving parts.

One final thing, and then I’ll shut up - don’t trust the calories burned readout on the display. It usually reads 2X to 4X what my Fitbit tells me I’m burning. Of course, my Fitbit could be reading low, but since it knows my heart rate I’m inclined to trust it over the elliptical.