Under Northern Lights

The colors … the glow effect … just stunning.

Congrats on a solid 1st place, @SG!

Also, note that these are printing on American Apparel blanks. PAY ATTENTION TO THE SIZING CHARTS!

Well done, Spiritgreen. This shirt is beautiful!

I like how the green looks like it’s glowing. Great work spiritgreen.

Great shirt, I love the Alice in Wonderland meets The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe vibe.

Love all the little glowing animals.

It really is a nice use of color.

I can’t see myself wearing it, though. Too many herbivores. :wink:

awwww - is that a little fox on the lower tree branches? What does it say?

Beautiful design, Congrats Spiritgreen!

I see…headlight eyes.

More like “SPIRIT: PURPLE”!!!

Gorgeous shirt, spiritgreen!!!

Gorgeous! And loving that it’s on AA! Yay! :slight_smile:

Yey!, I knew this was going to place 1st!!! Congrats Matt!

This is one of the brightest, prettiest, least shameful for me to wear purple shirts I have seen. I bow to you.

Agree! This is such an awesome design and perfect on purple. But the deer’s eye is kinda creepy.

The iridescent animals make a lot of sense when you see the luminous landscape they forage in. Top design, Matt, with one of the healthier vote tallies in recent times.

This shirt is so beautiful and its on purple! I had to get two!

I. Just. No. No. It’s a squirrel. Sigh Okay Fable, please hurry and finish that shirt design for this week’s derby~ |3 Pleeeease. shouts to no one in particular

Wonderful! A big congrats!

I’ll buy this!