Under Pressure

I already have one, and love it, but was hoping folks would post some pressure cooker recipes and tips here. Personally, mine makes the best pulled pork EVER!

The Kuhn Rikon 3918 Duromatic 7-Qt. Pressure Cooker works great on my timed induction burner. Fill it, set the temp and timer and you’re off. I do things like corned beef and short ribs fairly regularly and I “put-up” jams and jellies as well.

Man no matter how many times I look I always miss the Fisslers. They are always sold out, sure wish Woot would come up with a feature that allows you to get a reminder when certain products come up for sale (hint hint)

I have one Fissler, and one Kuhn Rikon, there is NO comparison, the Fissler is a WAY better pressure cooker than the Rikon.

This was just my opinion having bought and used both, I figured with the reputation that both brands have they would be pretty much equal…their not. The Rikon is hard to put the lid on, it looses much more steam before sealing up and getting down to business.

I had made this judgement before seeing a program by America’s kitchen on the tube. They came to the same conclusion.

So according to the sales stats, the first and last woot are the same person, and it was all from one state. That basically points out that woot had ONE item to sell. Really and that’s a Woot deal? No wonder i miss this deal all the time, you all have ONE pot to sell.

Probably leftover from previous sales. Doesn’t that one pot deserve a good home too? Would you deny that pot a loving family?

If you want alerts set up, you can use WootStalker to set up keywords. If any items come up on woot, or woot plus, it will email you as soon as the item is added.

You can set up an email notification for products at wootstalker.com, once you register. They don’t spam - but the site will automatically email you any time something matching your keywords goes up for sale. (Once registered, go to My Account to set your email preferences.

(ETA - So uh, had I read the rest of the thread, I would’ve seen that Lichme already told you that…)

Just bought the 4.2 qt set on Woot last week, for $65 MORE THAN THIS PRICE!!! Just got it today, haven’t used it yet…

This is one area where I do NOT suggest finding a used one. Modern pressure cookers are really quite nice.

I used to do seasonal radio interviews with a Wisconsin “Home Extension” education person. Every fall canning season she had to sit at malls with a portable electric stove and pressure gauge and test peoples’ old pressure cookers to see if they were safe enough to prevent botulism by being sealed enough to heat properly. What a scary job! 40 year old pots with ancient rubber seals…fun!!

Really bummed that there weren’t more Fissler pressure cookers. I would have bought one if offered.

From memory but pretty sure the ones last week were Vitaquick versus Blue Point models in the woot+ here.

Blue Points are the earlier, probably more established line that a lot of people started on. (The 4.2 is the one size I’m missing and this is the 2nd time woot’s offered it. More annoying is that each time they’ve only had 1.)

The Vitaquick models are supposedly a solid improvement over the Blue Point lineup and seems what Fissler now currently mostly sells.

You are right, thanks!