Under the Tights: Super Clothes

I wanted to get these for some kids to put away as christmas presents. Any chance we can get better sizing information. Specifically On the girls? I have a 11 8 and 6 YO, are these all gonna just be huge?

Attention Woot! writers: Your tagline at the bottom of the page should read, “If Justice doesn’t wear glow-in-the-dark Batgirl underwear then sign me up for evil, baby.”

No rear view on the underpants? Do these actually cover one’s ass, or is a perpetual wedgie the price one pays for being a superhero?

My friends and I wore the Batgirl, Wonder Woman and Superman tanks as our Warrior Dash costumes. They were great!


Can you tell us what size each of you are wearing??

I tried looking back at my order but the sizes aren’t displayed.

I believe Wonder Woman and Batgirl (this one was actually the hooded dorm shirt with the sleeves and hood cut off) were both size Small.

Supergirl was an Extra Large. I know this for sure because that’s me! :slight_smile:

In real life clothes, on average Wonder Woman wears a size 2, Batgirl a size 4 and I’m a size 12.

Personally, I would say these run a tad on the small size. On another site I saw the sizing described as Junior Size.

All three shirts were longer than shown in the photo. We cut a few inches off the bottom so it would be easier to run/climb/swim in them.

The batman leggings and blue/stars shorts were purchased separately at a different website.

All in all, we were super pleased with our purchases and can’t wait to wear them again next year.

Oh, by the way, speaking from experience, the dye from the red Super Girl cape will transfer onto other surfaces if/when it gets wet. I’d wash the cape separately.

Hope this helps!

Blegh, why only DC? I’d totally be all over this if if were Marvel characters.

Why are there only the PJs for men and how come they’re the only thing requiring hand washing?..

While I realize the possibility of a controversy surrounding a rear shot of the panties, it is impossible to tell if my wife’s butt is going to be happy in these without seeing the coverage.

Even an old navy flyer in the mail shows you how underwear fit front and back.

I’m just sad the undies aren’t 100% cotton. Otherwise, I’d be up for multiple Batman sets.

I see Woot has gotten into the birth control market.

Careful washing these. I bought the Supergirl night shirt and by the second wash it was a very tight tee-shirt.

Is it homoerotic to put “SuperMAN” on panties? Because MEN don’t really care about what’s on them, just what’s in them.

NOOOOOooooooo… just saw these- missed out on two of my favorite things… super heroes and buying my wife panties…

a cape for sleeping seems like a mishap waiting to happen…

I think you mean, “No Capes!

Completely disagree. A nice/ cute pair of panties can make for a better experience if its the first time you get to see them or a long term relationship. If a beautiful girl is sporting some stained underoos, that is a deal breaker, and grandma panties don’t inspire passion.

How about Justice making a Woot! cape and panties???

The Superperson shirt will make an excellent base for my Halloween costume. As Halloween was hurricaned out last year (by inconsiderate stupidstorm Sandy), I plan to be a SuperPac this year, albeit one which is kind of off-topic given the non-electionny-ness.

Then again, off-topic is my middle name.