Underground Toys Doctor Who Tardis

Underground Toys Doctor Who Tardis

Does anyone know when this was produced? I’m trying to figure out which sounds and voices it has. I flipped though a few pages of Amazon reviews and couldn’t find it. I’m hoping for David Tennant or Matt Smith.

I don’t think an actual voice comes out of it.

When it says “Talking” I think it means more of “noise emitting”

I checked a couple amazon reviews as you did and all any of them talk about is the “Tardis Sound” that comes out when you touch the door:

2 Reviews

“A really lovely addition to a growing family of Daleks, this TARDIS is well-made, with a surprisingly clear “tardis-sound” when you press on the door, and a flashing light at the top which has proven to be the breakaway hit of this year’s birthday.”

“Great novelty toy but I’m disappointed it only makes the materialising sound effect. The dematerialisation sound would have made a great addition if it cycled between the two.”