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Help us, Mighty Morphin’ Chrome Rangers!

Is this the new logo for FireFox Z?

And I always thought it would be Internet Explorer 6 causing the apocalypse.

…said the web developer.

And the moon watches in horror as the Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse discover they might need a pack of hounds.

Foxy lady, foxy shirt!

In for 1!!!

Clever design, I’m in for one!!

This is more likely with IE as it has started making decisions for the user. I think Will Smith should intervene.


Already bought mine - congrats Miss Sprinkle, you beat out some fierce competition.

What does Fire Fox have against Latin America?

draws logo with non-dominant hand
submit to woot
gets printed

Wooter with more shirts than anyone else gets angry.


I just don’t think that Firefox is going to take over the world. Chrome is the future.

Not so fantastic, eh Mr. Fox?

I told you!

Congrats dude!

I feel like it’s missing it’s nemesis: Internet Exploder 8. This time, it’s personal!

This shirt is great for techs who need something to point to when people ask how to get on the internet.

There has to be a weakness we can exploit to take down this Fire-Fox, right? Somebody start looking for PDF exploits!

“Well, this is embarrassing.”

in for 1 that i actually voted for woot

:(. no Deadfrog again.

Great shirt. I forsee Firefox taking over the world.