Unexpected News

“And this is how you’re telling me?!”



Also, wait until he finds out it’s not his…

What’s that guy on the left supposed to be?

I’d hate to see the morning sickness associated with this pregnancy

It’s like a Judd Apatow monster movie.

Question of the Night: Does Godzilla pause in mid-pummel because he is the father or because he has principles against beating on expecting mothers?

SIGH, I guess it’s time to move out of the big city to the countryside so the little nipper can get started on a nice, small, quiet town…

Wear this shirt to tell your friends and family that YOU are actually pregnant.

(PS must be female)

I’d imagine this is slightly more public than announcing it on Facebook.


meh shirt

I’m struggling to figure out why he was attracted to her in the first place. Maybe he loves pointy hands? Oh well. To each his own.

not gonna lie, this made me laugh xD

“but I don’t want people to think I’m actually pregnant!” -_-

actually, come to think of it, that belly hanging out trend could work for this shirt.

It’s not my fault. You’re just too horny.

I like it, but I have way too many green woot shirts :frowning:

That’s what she said?

Damn, I thought Mothra was always the chick.

I am actually a man. Can I wear this shirt?

I love kaiju, but… how could you do this to Gigan? Ahh… :frowning:

It MUST be used as a maternity shirt. Best. Maternity. Shirt. EVER!