So on June 10 I ordered two HP Laserjet Pro Multifunction M428fdw Wireless Laser Printer (W1A30A) from
Woot. I was told to expect delivery on 6/25/2020 (today!). This morning I wake up to an email that states that my order has been cancelled and my money refunded - no explanation of why.

This presents a few issues:

#1: It seems like buying something is sort of a contract. They agree to sell, I agree to buy, I pay them, they send me what I bought. Failing to fulfill their end of the bargain seems like a breach. Even if they need to buy it somewhere else and lose money on it I would think they should fulfill the order.

#2: It’s not conceivable that they expected this to be delivered today but then just figured out they weren’t sending it this morning - were they planning on delivering it in person?

#3: This poor service leaves me in a bad situation because I now have to obtain machines elsewhere (at a higher price) and wait 7-10 days for them to arrive leaving me without needed equipment with no warning.

VERY poor service.

Hi there. I’m sorry for the poor experience. We regularly review orders to see which ones have not shipped. If the order is outside the expected delivery time, we refund the order rather than continue to hold the money.

Again, apologies.