Ungranola, 12 Pack - Your Choice

Ungranola, 12 Pack - Your Choice

This stuff tastes mainly like coconut, or at least the bourbon vanilla flavor does. I recently got some on a lightning deal and had I paid more attention to how much fat (and saturated fat) this has, I’d not have bought it. More than 60% of the calories come fat. That taste is just alright for me. Others may like or love it. I bought an 8 pack of single servings and I’ve only eaten one and am not motivated to eat more.

Seriously who is motivated to eat granola? Isn’t that a classic oxymoron? They can gussy it up all they want, I’ll still never feel motivated over granola in any form.

All it is, is nuts. and yes, surprise!!! nuts have fats.

What’s wrong with that? If they don’t come from fat, then they have to come from carbs or protein. We’re still witnessing first-hand the fallout from that trade-off.

(Usually Udi’s or from the bulk bins at WinCo or Sprouts, though).

This isn’t just nuts and the fat in this product come primarily from coconut oil.

Nothing is wrong that, but fats found naturally vs added makes a difference in how your gut responds to them. Even the way the fats(oils) are processed/extracted makes a big difference. It’s the difference between good food and junk food.

I add granola to yogurts. Buy themselves, they can be boring and/or too sweet, unless you’re really hungry or stoned.