UNI-T Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter

UNI-T Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter

Wait for a Harbor Freight sale and get yerself one of these for at LEAST $5 less.

WOW! Coffee

Wish I knew what it was used for

gotta link for that? i’m not finding anything…

Do note that this one does not measure current.


With auto-ranging? No.

Woot price $14.99 and… + * Free Standard shipping for Prime members
At “checkout” there are $6.00 dlls for shipping and handling???
This is the reason for canceling order!

I used it. Support auto-ranging that it is very convenient.

Yes, But almost we don’t need to measure current. NCV -The tester will light up and make noise when it comes close to a hot (live) wire, and the overload protection function provides you the highest security during working.

Amazon Choice -‘uni-t ut123’

Measure voltage, testing whether the wire is live ( current), Also, temperature measurement. Useful for home use.

When was the last time I needed to measure voltage? Uhhhhh… never.