Unicorn Spotting

Don’t forget that come Halloween, there’s the Candicorn too!

Actually, there are such creatures as “dragoncorn”! Although, they go by the name “kirin.” Horse and dragon hybrid in Chinese mythology.

Does it comes with a Squee sound effect?

Multiple (and fun) unicorn + monster miscellany, plus bonus punchline aquatic mammal. I’ll be in.

Aww, you missed Unicron! That would have been epic! Maybe if enough of us add ideas, you’ll do a part two!

Come on Narwhal, get your act together!

This design is almost enough to get me to break my shirt.woot boycott. Put it on an AA blank and I’ll even overlook the powder blue shirt color!

Now we need a sequel; Narwhal Spotting

Unicorn is a derivation of two words which were equally apt but equally uneasy to pronounce:

Unihorn + Unicone = Unicorn

Goodnight, shirt.woot, hope you find your dad.

You forgot the Unikitty. Bummer.

Fun unicorn fact: That thing sticking out of a narwhal is actually it’s teeth. So whatever is that critter in the lower right corner, it’s not a narwhal.

True, unless it is an unfortunately malformed narwhal. That tusk would be going through it’s brain. This shirt just got disturbing.

7 quadrupeds, 1 biped and 1… mono-ped? no-ped? flip-ped? Are you ped up yet?

I gotta be honest, I greatly prefer the term ‘Alicorn’ to ‘Pegacorn’ (or ‘Unisus’, for that matter), even though alicorn is what the unicorn’s horn is called…

by far the 'corniest design I’ve ever seen! Nice work SG!

The amicable conclusion of Unicorn VS Narwhal week.



What about a “CandyCorn”?? You know, the 3-striped kind that only appear in the fall?

There’s also CaramelCorn…


Once again, I am disappointed with the lack of Rhino.