Uniden 1080p DVR Security System

Hey there ! The page says,"" Up to 1 month of storage (depends on settings) “”
I was wondering what devise/medium is used for storage ? I don’t find it listed but it must have some internal storage for it to last “up to a month.”

Never mind, I found it but not where you’d expect. Anyway, for those confused it does say:
(1) 4 Channel DVR w/ 1TB HDD included

And that answers the question!

If you set it for motion activation it only records when it detects movement in its field of veiw so it uses less space on the hard drive. You should be able to set the sensitivity and even block areas you don’t want it to detect motion, handy when you have branches or things that move in the wind.
You can probably lower the resolution and frame rate as well. They just record till full then overwrite the oldest recordings. 1080p usually gets a great quality recordings depending on how good the camera is, worse at night but still pretty good in black and white.

the power adapters are 110/220w or just 110W ?

This item has a dual voltage power adapter 110/240V.