Uniden 2.4GHz Dual Handset Phone & Digital Answer


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AMAZING. Got first post using cellular dialup.

Well I had to get my two cents in (+$5 shipping).

Umm, Great Woot? I’m cellular only so I’ll pass on this one. :slight_smile:

Here’s the description (Why doesn’t w00t do this automatically? Forum Full Employment Act?):

Uniden 2.4GHz Dual Handset Phone & Digital Answer
A telephone without a cord? Impossible!
$29.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling
No, friends – it’s not a fevered vision from a phenomenal electro-future! It’s not a mentalist’s parlor trick! It’s not a fictive conjuration from the fecund imagination of the Frenchman Verne! It’s a real, bonafide telephonic voice machine like the one at your general store – but without benefit of cord, cable, filament, or wire of any kind between handset and console!

Straight from the world of tomorrow into your sitting room, this most peculiar and conspicuous mechanism allows you the unfettered liberty of communicating by voice through the ether. What manner of sorcery is this so-called “TRU448-2 2.4GHz Dual Handset Phone,” you ask? Ask the marvel-makers at Uniden Telephonic Works of Fort Worth, Texas.

This kit includes two miraculous “hand-sets,” a mechanism that captures the ineffable waves of the human voice for reproduction later, & many other features besides. Someday, the man of the future will sprint anywhere on Earth with a hand-set mobile telephone in his pocket, but until then, this singular Uniden device represents the very horizon of human achievement in communication.


* Condition: Refurbished, Retail Box
* Model: TRU448-2
* 2.4 GHz digital spread spectrum technology
* Complete dual handset system
* Integrated Digital answering system
* 100-station caller ID memory
* Handset-to-handset call transfer
* Auto-scan
* Caller ID/Call Waiting capability
* Call transfer
* Handset LCD screen
* Handset volume
* 10 Distinctive Ring (6 Ring, 4 Melody Tones)
* Hold
* Page/handset locator
* Wall mountable
* Low-battery indicator
* Memo recording
* Remote message check
* Face-up charging

Please note that these telephones are refurbished (not new) and End user warranty is provided by Uniden’s refurbishment partner, not by Uniden itself. For service and support, call 1-800-690-3150.[/url]




Hmmmm… I already have phones for my house, but this is certainly not a bad Woot. I’d be all over this if I had the need…

:frowning: Too bad… :frowning:



my first post :slight_smile:
alas, not my first woot

2.4GHz is the same frequency 802.11 B and G operate on. If you have a wireless router, this may cause some interference. If you find that the addition of a cordless phone does cause issues, this can usually be fixed by changing the channel the router operates on from the default, channel 6.

Personally I don’t need a cordless phone even at woot prices. But if I were going to get one cheap, it would have to be 5.8GHz.

All in all, this isn’t a bad deal.


Need a 2 line!


So I bought one anyway :shock:
I have 14 phones in the house now and will not answer any of them. Hey, work for a telecomm/networking company and you will know what I’m talking about. This is a garage and kid’s bath add-on. I have network phones for every room in the house. I should have bought more than 1 as the battery replacements for two is more than the units. (sounds like printers and ink cartridges doesn’t it?)

This will sell out quick, great woot. (naysayers go somewhere else, not in the mood for a rant fest) FYI- IP phones will be mainstream by 2007, I know the future, and it isn’t your broadband provider either. Thanks and good night :smiley:


So I showed my students the clip of the j.a.'s blowing up the sparklers in the sand. Hard to believe, but they didn’t want to learn about accounting for income taxes after that. Every other hand was for a repeat of the video clip. :x

Well, it was kind of funny - just too bad it won’t be funny for them tomorrow when they take their final. :twisted:


A VoIP phone would be cool though.

w00t!! first time first page!

and as with all w00ts, it’s awesome if you’re looking for one - not awesome if you’re not!

of course, I guess there are always those w00ts that are so good they convince you to buy one even when you don’t really need or want it. I think the recent HP was one of those.


I need a woot gift card… hehe


Aw, I wooted up all night for this?

Gnight all.


Woot-phone??? Who needs it now days. Bad Woot, bad Woot!


WOW!!! Telephones with cords!!! Does anybody still use those type of things? :shock: :shock: :shock:


Decent deal, but beware of wireless “g” interference.


You can get it brand new for $15 more.



Crap and I just ordered like 5 cordless phone last week. Oh well, I’m wait of the next BOC anyway.




sux, my unidens from the wootoff crapped out all ready. It was a piece of poop.


I’ve never had a problem with Uniden…great phones…I use a 5.8ghz currently as not to interfere with the internet wireless…refurb though?


I just threw a set of these away.