Uniden 2-Camera Wireless Video Surveillance System

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Uniden 2-Camera Wireless Video Surveillance System
$139.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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I use this on the neighbor boys when they’re playing in the pool. Great investment :slight_smile:

You don’t think that is weird? :stuck_out_tongue:



Seriously considered hitting “tattle”.

I am definitely looking for something like this but not enough cameras. I’m looking for around 6-8. Maybe I’ll get lucky and have something like this worth buying

Ask and you shall receive… Thanks woot. Great system and great

This one might take awhile…

That’s what I tell the kids not to do when they catch me…

If i bought this, it would be my most valuable possession, so it’s lucky that there are two so I could point one at the other to keep an eye on them.

$119 at Daily Steals today!! and NO Damn hidden TAXES!!

Yeah the" :)" is a bit much with that comment. Haha

I’m seeing lots of crap, but none of it is in bags.

Haha ya maybe, its all in good fun to try to get to the crap bag sooooon

wow… creep much?

Taxes depend on what state you and/or the seller is in. So I guess you’re in the same state as Woot but not the same state as DS.

Different system…indoor only cameras, 3.5" monitor. But…cheaper, yes.


so now you can watch how they burglarize your home.

I may be new, but it isn’t moving… Think there will be a wootoff block?