Uniden 3-Camera Indoor-Outdoor Wireless Security System

Perfect for overly protective parents!


Spend $20 more dollars for a new set, not to mention the reviews are not great at all.

Let the Anthony Weiner jokes begin!!!

For protecting your BOC while being delivered… everyone in for 3…Can’t be too safe!!!

More zombie survival supplies.
Can we some flare guns on woot?

Is there a teddy bear attachment? Or waste can dome for easy hiding in your dorm room at least…

Upon further review of the security footage, we clearly see that this Woot.Off is slowly driving everyone to bed.

am i the only one worried about a security system that was bought… then returned?

I wish it was an IP Camera :’(

The one listed here comes with a third “rechargeable camera that transmits up to 500 feet”, which the one on Amazon does not.


Reviews say this setup isn’t 64-bit compatible. A deal breaker for me!

Really… there are alot of these. This is like the 50th Wootoff killer. I kinda wish this wootoff would just die so I can slumber with my mind at ease.

I’ve set up a fake camera in my bathroom (aimed at the shower or toilet) just to freak guests out. It has blinking lights and even turns toward sound.

Hmmm, perhaps this is the cue to go to bed. . .

Also, it records video.

not at all, sir or madam as the case may be…i was thinking this very thing…although i sense a BoC soooon

This should hold for a while, I’ll take it: it’s sleep time.

Ha! May I steal your idea for the fake bath cam?