Uniden 3-Camera Indoor-Outdoor Wireless Security System

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Uniden 3-Camera Indoor-Outdoor Wireless Security System
$179.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Wheres my "Bag of Cra*p!!!



I can finally see myself on camera, this ought to be good.

Dearest woot!,

Interesting, but I’m not quite paranoid enough.

I’m not wearing a tin foil hat.

I’m sure it’d be easier to find with this nifty security system. :smiley:

What have you managed to get in the past out of the bag?

argh zzzz

suck it

going to have time for a nap with this one.

Does it come with instructions on how to surreptitiously mount these in a co-ed locker room? If not, then it’s not worth it.

Not yet maybe http://images.wikia.com/en.futurama/images/b/b3/800px-Legionofmadfellows.jpg

hmm with all the cameras out there watching us why should i waste my money to watch a camera thats already watching me… hmmm

The “woot by state” image does not leave a good impression for those two states.

So is it Mac compatible?

I have the indoor camera and monitor, which I bought refurbished to be able to see if the garage door is closed from inside the house, so as not to let the dog out (again). It’s surprisingly good as a live camera, though I haven’t hooked it up to any of my Macs to try to record its video…

Okay, just tried hooking my (3.5" receiver) up to my Mac Mini running Vitamin D video software. It didn’t work. The Uniden FAQ says there’s no Mac compatibility at all.

If anybody overbought - I missed this one and would like to purchase…

is this coming back?
i want one