Uniden 3-Camera Indoor-Outdoor Wireless Security System

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Uniden 3-Camera Indoor-Outdoor Wireless Security System
$179.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Install to watch neighbors breaking into your garage with dual frequency key chain remotes.

Ever since I had a uniden phone, I have steered clear of their products.

Totally unreliable.

NOTE: No DVR included. No storage of images, just real-time observation capability.

BTW: DVR = Digital Video Recorder

Just for clarity

oh wow, they are really that bad? I was just about to buy like 2 of them… Thanks for the heads up everyone. Really no DVR?

It stores on your computer or any type recorder that takes RCA inputs.

I bought my Vonage Uniden base station w/remotes phone in 2004 - and it is still doing the job. Actually still routing one of my pc’s through the base station. Just sayin’.

“Output Image Resolution: 640 x 480”

Is that Aunt Bessie or Uncle Filbert?

How come this stuff never works as good as that CSI-Podunk stuff does on the teevee?

New for $259 at Sam’s Club

Bought one last time Woot offered this same item, it’s crap. Lost signal when camera was more than 6ft from receiver!

Does anyone know if the PC software will output .jpgs or another type of image file? I’ve got an IP camera that just died (Foscam, FTW) and use it as a weather camera in FTP mode to upload to weather underground. I would like something similar with this.

this would go great with the vcr/dvd player offered earlier, if you have blank vhs cassettes lying around…

will my underground dog fence interfere with these like it can with some other wireless products?

Hmm. Was going to ask about the range, and if it was known to work with any Linux solutions… sounds to be pretty sub-par though; probably just going to go with a wired setup at this point.


Now I can finally catch which neighbor is stealing my paper!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…mine has worked like a champ for the last 1.5 years and is currently working with the farthest camera 25 feet from the receiver.