Uniden 4 Handset 5.8GHz Cordless System with Digital Answering Machine

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New Uniden 4 Handset 5.8GHz Cordless System with Digital Answering Machine, for $49.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Uniden TRU 9585-4WX 5.8GHz Phone System with 3 Standard & 1 Waterproof Handset and Answering System

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Yeah…because why would you want all your phones to match?

no DECT, no care.

Neat. The Uniden TRU phones get pretty good reviews overall on Buzzillions.

Sweet! Now I can have a “hold your breath under water” contest with my nephew in Florida over the phone!

This is an excellent product. I bought the 3 handset version a couple of years ago on Woot, and everything still works great.

Except that I don’t recall my phone set being described as ‘waterproof.’ I’m also not sure why anyone would want a waterproof cordless telephone.

ummm… is it just me or does that handset say waterproof? I mean, whom needs to talk in the shower or underwater in a pool. And besides… what I REALLY want to know is it waterPROOF or just water-resistant… someone with experience cross this t and dot this i. I’d love a phone even my fish can use to call me in case of an emergency!


who uses landline phones these days? the only people who call my landline are telemarketers

What’s the range on these bad boys?

WTF, I still use “Landlines” and get plenty of calls there.

I was actually just hoping the other day Woot would come up with a cordless phone system, because yes I still use them, but 4 handsets is overkill.

I do love the writeup, though.

2 lines please

what’s the range on these things? is the water one temperature sensitive? im thinkin hot tub.

Also, here’s a refinement of the above Froogling, narrowing it down to 4-handsets (most of the results show two-handset sets.) If you NEED 4, it’s 50% off.

Love the copy on this item, guys. My fanboy status remains fully in tact!

Anyone know how far the phones can go from the base without losing the call/reception?

Ah yes, for all my underwater telephone needs.

I have a 5.8ghz system and I can go about 200 feet away from my house and still get signal. will definately cover your house and probably most decent sized backyards.